Unser Programm Produktionsprozess ZentrenProduction of ceramic cores in FianarantsoaOur program

ADES has 8 production and sales centres for solar ovens and energy efficient cookstoves in Madagascar. These centres work according to environment friendly standards and are as a consequence role models on the island. The production and sales of the ovens and stoves is the core activity within our project. The first centre opened back in 2003 in Toliara (Tuléar), on the South West coast. It serves as an example for good use of renewable resources: water is heated by solar energy and electricity is provided thanks to photovoltaic panels. Seven other regional centres have then successively opened – see the map.

UnserProgramm Metallwerkstatt ToiliaraIn the metal production shop of ToliaraOur offer is to replace traditional wood or coal ovens with solar ovens, and energy efficient stoves. We have managed to instal more than 170000 ovens up to now. Our production gets more and more efficient and consumes less and less resources. In our regional centre of Fianarantsoa for example, we produce large quantities of our cookers on a semi-industrial scale while maintaining a very good product quality. Through reasonable use of raw materials we manage to decrease scrap rate and therefore get the cost of production down as well.

UnserProgramm BeschaeftigteDemonstration of ADES ovens on a marketThanks to its local presence, ADES supports securing the purchasing power of local people. In its 8 regional centres, ADES directly employs 150 workers who are paid fairly and receive social insurance. To these employees 250 indirect jobs can be added such as delivery men or independant retailers of cooking devices.

UnserProgramm CamionMobile centre right before its mission in MadagascarIn order to inform people from the North of Madagascar about environment protection and train them to use energy efficient ovens, a mobile information and promotion centre was built.

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