Illustrated school materialsIllustrated school materialsThe ADES Schooling Programme

ADES has been running an environmental schooling programme since 2011.

Using innovative schooling material and teaching methods, the ADES education team educates children and young people in the consequences of deforestation for land, water, the ECO system and the climate. ADES is able to enthuse them for actions to protect their unique fauna and flora and to use their natural resources in a sustainable manner. Additionally, ADES gives courses for teaching staff so that they are able to include ecological matters in their teaching programmes.

Planting activitiesPlanting activities on the school premises

The schooling programme which ADES offers is comprised of six two hour modules spread over five weeks.

The modules cover:
- Sun
- Forest
- Energy saving cooking
- Sensitisation to ecology matters
- Natural history – getting to know local fauna and flora
- Planting activities on the school premises

schulkantineTasting in the school canteenNaturally, besides the pure learning, our programmes include singing, handicrafts and games. Solar cooking demonstrations and teaching, as well as tasting of food cooked this way, are also part of our programme.

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