Project goals

Climate change is a multigeneration issue. Such problem requires a crucial parameter: time. ADES durably engages in Madagascar through production and distribution of energy saving ovens for the local population. The ADES program is essentially based on a North-South partnership.

ADES has in between become a major economical player in Madagascar and is part of the entrepreneurial landscape. Innovation on our products and optimisation of our manufacturing processes to increase our volumes while maintaining our quality level and minimizing our energy footprint are really at the core of our actions. Beside production and distribution, we are eager to inform local people on good environment practices so that they also engage themselves in protecting their area in a sustainable way. This goal could not be achieved in a long and global project, therefore we move forward through limited and well defined actions in line with our overall strategy. This program is thus better accepted locally by decentralising as much as possible its administration close to the real needs.

Without donations our work would not be possible. In a country where 90% of the people earn less than 2 dollars a day, our ovens must be as affordable as possible. The benefit from sales covers only partially the cost of profuction currently. As an independant association we pay high attention to the transparent use of the money we get, mainly from Switzerland. It can only be guaranteed by headquarters in Swizerland. The fragility of Madagascar state, missing administration and the high corruption index will probably make us manage the project from Swizerland in the future as well. This again to be able to diversify and secure financing sources of the program.

Quality policy

All our actions follow a defined cycle based and the needs of key people, analysis of results, continuous follow up of the projects milestones in a participative way (among other things through our Salesforce platform). Objective reviews, project reports, control of parameters and internal audits are standard practices in our project management. This guarantees our efficiency and maximises our chances to succeed. Our leadership, in contact with project managers, enables internal trainings in project management or partners with institutions our consultants to advise key players on project conception and realisation. We are part of an association network with which we regularly exchange on the latest development in terms of energy saving cooking methods. Our director Rita Bachmann often visits teams in Madagascar. Project management is a daily practice of our local teams in cooperation with our precious partners. Safety of our employees is for us the highest priority. ADES continuously observes political and security conditions on the island through a risk assessment for which different crisis plans have been developed.