FianarantsoaADES centre in FianarantsoaFianarantsoa

Ambalamarina / Mahazengy
BP 208 Fianarantsoa 301
Tel +261 32 05 277 54
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Fianarantsoa productionProduction at Fianarantsoa The centre in Fianarantsoa was opened in in 2011. ADES works at this location with women’s groups, churches and companies. In 2013 a second production centre for the OLI economy oven was opened.

Buildings for sales, administration, manufacture and end assembly are spread over some 4,000m2. Also, there is a colour mixing hall, a spraying room, a paint drying plant and two large blast furnaces

Fianarantsoa blast furnaceThe newest blast furnace became operative in autumn 2016Since the end of 2015, the blast furnaces have been fired by Artemisia briquettes so that the combustion chambers made of clay harden. This saves more than 200 tons of wood.

We continue to fire wth Artemisia briquettes. Therefore we opened a second blast furnace with an improved firing performance in autumn 2016. The furnace can now handle 700 combustion chambers made of clay per process instead of the previous 600.

fianarantsoa blast furnaceTonbrennkern(?) are loaded into a blast furnaceOver 35 people are employed at Fianarantsoa. The technical management is in female hands.

team administration fianarantsoaADES administration team Fianarantsoa

team technique fianarantsoaADES workshop team Fianarantsoa

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